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We can speed up your web experience, upgrade and boost its performance. Migrate to a high speed website at a cost as low as 89 USD.
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WordPress speed optimization – We promise to deliver high-quality WordPress page speed optimization services and excellent after-sales support. We provide complete handholding till the time your new look website is up and running. You get advantage of experienced handling, best price offer and fast turnaround time with us.

Optimization Process

We engage in a three step process in order to upgrade and improve your website performance.

1. Premium Plugin

Our expert team shall hand over a website to you that is free from unnecessary loads, unused and unwanted files, other loose ends that might be a security issue for you, all kinds of malware etc. As step one we do the detailed scanning of your website.

2. Configure

Your website data base, Content/texts, images etc will be configured by our team.

3. Launch

Who does not like speed? Fulfil your high speed web experience with us and improve your user ratings

About the Service

We can enhance your WordPress website loading speed optimization and improve user experience by augmenting WordPress and your desired theme.

Your new WordPress website shall give you a rejuvenated feel with enhanced loading speed and faster response time. The caching plugins installed by us are best in its class and it uses HTML-CSS & JS minification and lazy load images that makes your word press website perform faster. No more longer waiting time for loading of images and pages, gear up for a new experience with us.

Elevate the Database

We do the clean-up job for you too. We help remove unnecessary data base accumulating in your content that makes it bloated up. A data base that is smart and effective, of manageable size results in faster processing time. The content of your website gets revamped with us.

Image Compression

Images are great, it adds expression to your content and enhances visual experience of a customer/user, but at the same time using too many heavy images can slow down your website considerably, thus increasing the loading time. We use plugins for image
compression on your website that keeps your images well withing the limits and takes lesser time to load.

Slow Plugins

Various WordPress speed optimization plugins might make your website look more attractive, but at the same time, too many plugins can get your webpages heavy and overloaded. This may slow down your website. A slow website is not preferred by your customer or users. We help removing unnecessary plugins, identify the useful ones or suggest alternative options.

Bad Requests

You have to be careful that your website does not have old contents that are no longer useful for you or have changed. We help you get rid of old and useless/outdated data base clogging your web pages. Any broken links clicked on your website can show 404 Error which might not be good for your brand reputation or might derail client interest on your website.

Brute Force

We create mechanisms to limit access of suspicious elements to your website. One of them is by limiting log in attempts of users and configure .htaccess. We try and eliminate chances of any hacker getting access to your WordPress website.


The Plugins we use in your website are the best in its class

Augmentation of your WordPress website involves usage of the best and reliable Plugins available today. Few Plugins might attract an additional cost, for example – WP Rocket. This plugin shall cost an additional 49 USD over & above the other costs. Other Plugins in use by us are: WP Fastest Cache, TinyPNG, P3 Profiler, Smush it etc. the plugins are used as per your website requirement.

Usage of CDN is mandatory?

The Usage of CDN – Content delivery Network depends on the type of website and the kind of business you have. If you have a global audience, a customer base that is spread  worldwide,  CDN  can  be  used  to  enhance  delivery  of  the  assets  displayed  on website. If your business is small scale and restricted to the local audience or within an area  or  province,  state  or  even  within  the  country,  a  well  optimized  website  and  a dependable hosting company can be good enough for you.

How fast are you moving, how can you check it?

We have several means to enhance the speed of your website. The performance of your website can be measured by Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, GTmetrix etc. We get paid only if our customers are satisfied. We are open to process full refund if you are not happy with the speed/ performance.

Do you deal with WooCommerce websites?

We deal with Woo Commerce, however the same might not be suitable for entry level hosting plans. Please make sure that your website is hosted on a reliable and efficient server  with  a  proven  performance  record.  A  brief  R&D  is  recommended  before  you sign  up  with  a  new  hosting  server.  Speed  is  the  essence  of  e-commerce  business  and your website has to be fast and responsible in order to win customers.

How can we get started, what do we need from you?

In order to get started we need your Web hosting account details. FTP account and the

WordPress admin account information from your side.

Is migration from an existing server to a new server is possible?

Yes, Migration of your website is possible. We can help you shift home for your website to a better, secure and  high performing  location. Please check our  WordPress  service section.

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