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Now transfer of your website from existing platform to Word Press platform or to a new location and it is possible only at 69 USD
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WordPress to Shopify and Wix migration service – We promise to deliver high quality service and excellent after sales support. We provide complete handholding till the time your new look website is up and running. You get advantage of experienced handling, best price offer and fast turnaround time with us.

Migration Process

We engage in a three step process in order to upgrade your web experience, transfer your website to a new location.

1. Website Backup

Step one, we keep a complete back up of your existing website so that the original data stays intact.

2. Transfer

Step two, we transfer your website to the new host as required by you.

3. Configure

We ensure that the entire procedure is flawless and the transition happens smoothly.

About the Service

We shall ensure that transition of your revamped website happens smoothly and there are no glitches, after transfer to the new location the website runs smoothly.
Website Backup

We make sure that none of your valuable data is lost. We keep a safe back up of your existing website before we initiate the transfer process. Our full back up protocol includes database, plugin files, theme, the core etc. Our work process is professionally executed and our team of experts are very particular about each and every aspect of your valuable data and information.

Website Transfer

After the back-up process is complete, we start the process of transferring your files and database to the new location designated by the new hosting provider. The process is elaborate and our expert team does their job without any hick ups.

Update Domain

After uploading of files and data base is complete we initiate the process of updating your DNS settings. In next step your existing domain name is pointed to the new hosting provider to complete the process of migration.


The time taken to accomplish the alteration process depends on factors like domain name and hosting address. If the domain name remains unchanged, just the reconfiguring job to a new hosting service provider is not a difficult task and takes less time. If the domain name is new and the hosting provider new as well, it takes a longer time.


The duration of downtime

We aim to ensure that no business is lost due to your web downtime. However there are some technical issues that decides the length of your downtime, our team of experts tries to keep it as short as possible. It is recommended that the migration of your website to a new hosting service provider or other changes to be done on a day when the traffic is  the  least,  example  weekends  or  holidays.  The  downtime  depends  on  factors  like gathering your domain’s new DNS information by the global ISP which takes about 24.

– 48 Hrs to update.

What happens to my email ID?

Your  existing  email  address  with  your  old  hosting  provider  need  to  be  stopped  or discontinued and a new email address is created with the new hosting provider. But if

you have any ongoing email forwards configured or working with a third part service provider for your current emails, you have to alter the settings accordingly.

Can I have a new domain name?

Yes  of  course  you  can  have  a  new  domain  host  for  your  website  and  your  new

WordPress website can be transferred to the new host and

Is the transfer possible to any hosting provider?

The hosting service provider must support WordPress requirements. Before signing up with a new hosting provider this point needs to be clarified. If you are unable to select a hosting provider we can suggest you to check SiteGround.com.

How can we get started, what do we need from you?

All we need is your existing hosting account details, In order to initiate your website migration process. We need you to update DNS of your new domain after the transfer of website files and data base is completed from our side.

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