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Are you bothered about hacking issues of your website? Look no further, we provide fool proof hack repair service for your website at a cost starting only 100 USD. We provide 100% money back guarantee on the same.
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WordPress Malware Removal Services- We promise to deliver high quality service and excellent after sales support. We provide complete handholding till the time your new look website is up and running. You get advantage of experienced handling, best price offer and fast turnaround time with us.

Repair Process

We engage on a three step process to get your website cleaned up

1. Scan

Our expert team shall hand over a website to you that is free from unnecessary loads, unused and unwanted files, other loose ends that might be a security issue for you, all kinds of malware etc. As step one we do the detailed scanning of your website.

2. Clean

We get your website sparkling clean, smooth, lean and highly efficient, free from unknown database entries, backdoor entries, hacked files etc. We help remove everything that is not desirable and unnecessary.

3. Optimize

We help tighten your web security, update its features, add new features (on request basis) to make it more efficient and high on performance, faster and more responsive.

About the Service

We help you enhance and strengthen security of your website. Any kind of malware is permanently removed from your WordPress website by our immediate response team. Security of our customers are our primary concern.
Scan Your Website

As step number one, we perform a detailed scanning of your website & your files, including WordPress and your plugin to remove malware WordPress, themes etc. we look for all kinds of malware, malicious code, unidentified logins, suspicious sign ups etc, we locate anything that is unusual and remove them. Our experts figure out the main source of the breach and we plug the gaps in security.

Remove Malicious Content

All sorts of Malicious contents, unauthorized entries, suspicious logins, undesirable contents, malware, unknown links from WordPress installation, unidentified scripts are searched upon, located and them removed permanently from your website. We don’t let any unwanted element to clog your website space & create a security concern for you.

Principal Files

We help you secure your core files. For example xmlrpc.php, hataccess and wp-config.php are considered as the core files in a WordPress website. While performing the cleaning job, we make sure that your website is free from unknown and nasty scripts. We make sure that your core files remain untouched and no one can exploit them.

Security Habituation

After we secure your website from all kinds of Malware and malicious content, plug all loose ends and delete and remove all unknown links and logins, our team of experts concentrate on getting your website security more robust and fool proof so that any future attempts of hacking could be avoided. We install the WordFence security plugin and WordPress malware removal plugin which enhances the security of your website by many folds.

Blacklist Elimination

Are you a victim of being blacklisted due to reasons unknown to you? Does your customers and users get a warning message while attempting to open your website? You need not worry at all, we will fix these critical issues for you, get your website free from any form of blacklisting and warning indications.


We just don’t say it, we do it for you. Our team of experts do a professional job for you and keep a record of the work in progress. You get a step by step details of the processes being initiated by our team. For example : while we remove malware from your website we keep screen shots, in order to provide a detailed report for your ready reference.


What is the general time taken to make changes on my website?

After  our  team  of  experts  makes  a  note   of  your  request  and   understand  your requirements,  our  turnaround  time  is  approx  48  Hrs/  02  working  days.  However  it depends on the amount of work to be done on your website. In case its more, it might take  a  longer  time  but  in  case  of  urgent  requirements,  please  inform  our  team.  We respect your time and we stand by our commitment.

How can you get started with us, what do we need from you?

We need the WordPress Admin account and the hosting account details from your side. After that we can initiate our work on your website.

What is the kind of budget I should plan?

We get you free from all kinds of malware woes of your website. We have an incredible offer that starts at 99 USD only.

If the hackers manage to invade your website again, then what happens?

We provide a 30 Days Free guarantee period after we finish with the total clean up job of your website. Within this period if your website is hacked again, we shall provide a free clean up service for you. You have to make sure that your server security is robust.

or not. If you have other websites in the server and they get infected due to any reason, there are chances that your new/revamped website might get compromised again. You may opt to migrate to a new server and may consult our team of experts for the best offer.

How can you reach out to us?

You  are  requested  to  open  a  support  ticket  with  us.  Please  mention  your  contact number or Skype address, our support team shall get in touch with you.

The warning alerts showing on my browser can be removed?

While accessing your website, does it show any security hazard or warning sign? It might happen that you website might have got compromised, hacked or blacklisted. This is harmful for your company/business, your website and your reputation. After the repair work is commenced from our side, we can request for a malware review in the Google search engine which initiates process to refresh its results.

Hackers don’t inform you in person about intruding your website, so how do you come to know about it?

There are several signs that indicate that everything is not in order in your website or your  site  might  be  compromised.  You  might  start  receiving  abusive  emails  from unknown sources, sudden fall in traffic, sudden increase in the intensity of server usage, redirects to other websites, spammed links etc.

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