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For us your experience matters the most, not the size of work. Whether you would like to include new texts, make alterations in the existing contents, use new images, make changes in the design/colour, we can do it smoothly for you at a special offer as low as 39 USD.
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Micro tasks- We promise to deliver high quality service and excellent after sales support. We provide complete handholding till the time your new look website is up and running. You get advantage of experienced handling, best price offer and fast turnaround time with us.

Task Process

We engage in a three step process in order to upgrade your web experience and enhance your existing website.

1. Contact

Share with us your wish list. What would you like to change in your website to enhance performance and Online performance, draw attention of your customers.

2. Review

Make sure you share with us all. Our team of experts has a patient ears for your wishes. We shall evaluate all in shortest possible time and send you our best offer.

3. Small Changes

Once all your wish list listed and agreed, our team of experts shall get busy working on your website, at their workstations.

About the Service

Do you spend a lot of time in running your website? Look no further, we have the solution for you. Our support service shall come to your rescue, minimise running time and help you focus more on your business.
List of Tasks

All you need to do is to open a support ticket with your request details. Our support team shall quickly get in touch with you to understand your exact requirements in detail. If needed we shall arrange few round of correspondence for further clarifications on case to case basis. We make sure that all your expectations are well noted and understood before we start working on your project.

Input or Update Text

We can assist you to upload new content for your website, edit existing content or give it a fresh look by creating new tabs, adding new pages, adding new texts etc. If you have the content ready with you, share it with us in word format by uploading it on the contact form.

Upload or Update Images

Share your favourite images with us and upload them on the contact form on the support page. Our designers shall do the rest for you. We shall make sure that the new images are best used and have the best visual appeal and gives your website a complete fresh look that would help attract your customers, draw more traffic.

Design Changes

Our expert designers are pro in their job and knows best suitable theme and colour for your website. If you have any preference in terms of new design and colour aspect, please share with us. We change it all, including the page layouts, colour scheme, text fonts thus revamping the entire design of your existing site.

Smart Additions – on demand features

Do you wish to make your website look trendy and up to date? Do you want to add new functionalities or enhanced feature to the existing ones? A picture gallery, Social media feed or newsletters can enhance the visual appeal of your website and keep your customers engaged. We can do it all for you, just share your wishes with us.


As a normal protocol our team of experts shall get in touch with you after the work is done. The status of the ticket will be shared with you and you get an opportunity to have a look at the changes/alterations done by our team. Your suggestions are most welcome for any further changes or enhancements.


What is the general time taken to make changes on my website?

After  our  team  of  experts  makes  a  note   of  your  request  and   understand  your requirements,  our  turnaround  time  is  approx  48  Hrs/  02  working  days.  However  it depends on the amount of work to be done on your website. In case its more, it might take  a  longer  time  but  in  case  of  urgent  requirements,  please  inform  our  team.  We respect your time and we stand by our commitment.

How many times I can allowed to make edit requests?

Post completion of work from our side, our support team shall update you about the status  of  your  ticket  and  seek  your  feedback.  You  get  one  revision  is  absolutely  free from our side, but for further changes/alterations we can send you an offer separately.

What is the kind of budget I should plan?

Our lowest price range starts as low as 39 USD which covers general/common tasks or small  tasks.  If  your  wish  list  is  longer  or  you  need  to  make  several  changes  on  your website  or  execute  some  difficult  tasks,  we  need  more  time  and  commercials  for  the same. We shall send you an appropriate quote once we have the complete scope of work.

How can you get started with us?

Your  first  step  will  be  to  open  a  support  ticket  with  us.  Generally  we  need  the WordPress  user  account  but  for  alteration  job  in  design,  layout  and  other  major changes, we would require the web hosting login details from you.

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